Thursday, October 21, 2010

Medival Maidens

Models Name: Juliana Emory

Assignment 1: Who are you really?
In this assignment, we had to show our models as who they really are! I decided to make Juliana an assasin who killed servants of darkness! Kill those demons, girl! xD

I wasn't far behind the demons now. Maybe two hours fast riding behind, four hours walking.

I smiled in amusement. Who back home would think that the quiet girl who spent all day in her chambers, garden, or in the library would be the leader, high sorceress, and high druidess of 'Sanctus Virgo of Era Caltha', a secret society of young maidens who were far more lethal than any knight? Only a few. Who would believe that every night, I was sent to assassinate servants of darkness? Even fewer. Even if they knew, they would think I was one of the dark, and I'd suffer the death of fire. No man could know. No man would understand.

Sadly, I had to drop out, beacuse my game hates me :'(

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