Sunday, November 28, 2010

Abstaract Backrounds :D

Today, I went to youtube and looked for tutorials on how to make abstract backrounds, and I forund this: It is really easy, and is step by step :D My 1st try was the ugliest piece of shizz ever (it is TRUE!), but my 2nd try was pretty good ;) I will update this post every now and then to show more pictures. So, here is my 2nd try:

Here is another one, made with this tutorial:

What do you think?

(Please do not use these pictures unless you ask for my premission, after I give you a copy that doesn't say "Copyrighted material" :P)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Medival Maidens

Models Name: Juliana Emory

Assignment 1: Who are you really?
In this assignment, we had to show our models as who they really are! I decided to make Juliana an assasin who killed servants of darkness! Kill those demons, girl! xD

I wasn't far behind the demons now. Maybe two hours fast riding behind, four hours walking.

I smiled in amusement. Who back home would think that the quiet girl who spent all day in her chambers, garden, or in the library would be the leader, high sorceress, and high druidess of 'Sanctus Virgo of Era Caltha', a secret society of young maidens who were far more lethal than any knight? Only a few. Who would believe that every night, I was sent to assassinate servants of darkness? Even fewer. Even if they knew, they would think I was one of the dark, and I'd suffer the death of fire. No man could know. No man would understand.

Sadly, I had to drop out, beacuse my game hates me :'(

Sunday, October 17, 2010

PASSION :: Cycle 4 :: Generational Modeling

Model's name: Elizabeth Jackson

Assignment 1: Prehistoric Parents
For this assignment, we had to show our model's prehistoric parents, aka the cave man/women!

Elizabeth's ancestor Ooghabeth was one of her tribe's finest huntress. Right now she is close to cathing a buffolo to provide her family with food.

Assignment 2: Ancient Ages
In this assignment, we had to show our model's ancient ancestors! Since I'm from Sweden, I thought using a Viking would be a good and creative idea! I am so happy with this photo!

Elizabeth's ancestor Freya was a Viking princess and a beauty without compare, with dreams and hopes of the future. Freya died giving birth to her first child. The people belived that Odin, the highest of the gods, welcomed her into the relm of gods, offering her immortallity and the power of a godess. Odin made Freya his daughter. When she gratefully accepted, she became the godess of beauty and desire.

Assignment 3: Medieval Muddle
This time we had to make our models into medieval maidens! I made Elizabeth into Morgan le Fay! :D Yes, I'm a mythology and legend geek, in case you havn't noticed! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!

One rose represented the love of the whole kingdom for their beloved king who had died bravely in battle. The half sister and close friend of the king, Morgan le Fay, guided the boat that carried the body and spirit of King Arthur to the island of Avalon, hidden along misty waters. Morgan's tears represented the sorrow of the whole of Camelot. "Lost, but never to be forgotten" was the dream that the people among Camelot shared. "Mordred will pay for the loss of our king, and the hopes of our kingdom. By dusk, a red sun will rise."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What will I do here?

Here I shall post my all my pictures from competitions, hair drawings, and pictures that I have made for the fun of it/practice. (For the competitions, they are in no specific order.)